Loveland Goldens 


GG ODINS LEGACY  English Cream Golden Retriever

Registered Name: GG Odins Legacy (THOR)

8 years old
Hip OFA rating: Good
Elbows: normal
Eyes: OFA cleared
Heart: OFA normal

Weight: 75 pounds

DNA Paw Print Genetics- All Clear

Klondike owned by Cassandra Jones:  Klondike  has passed all of his health clearances.  He is beautiful and energetic like his daddy yet calm and playful especially with children. 

Wind Lovin Jazmine- AKC English golden retriever, OFA Hips and Elbows Prelim Excellent, Final hips good,  OFA-eyes normal, OFA-Heart, normal/ Paw Print Genetics-Clear, very calm and loving.