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Client Pictures and Testimonials

Ten years ago we purchased a dog from Cathy Conrad, and it's been the best decision we've ever made. Her name is Novalie and we knew after getting to actually meet the doggie mother and father of our new puppy, she was going to be fantastic. She was, and still is. Two years after purchasing her, we got her a friend from Cathy Conrad. A new little puppy and Novalie's half sister. We named her Willlow after her birth mom. Purchasing these two amazing dogs from Cathy was a great decision fro may reason. First, Cathy's dogs are her pets. They are treated just like family and are very well taken care of and loved. In addition, the puppies are loved by Cathy and her family, which helps to socialize the cute little puppies and creates a sense of security. Cathy allow the momma dog to be the nurturing momma to the babies, which also insures a sense of well being for the puppies. Golden's are known for their calm demeanor and their loyalty, but their care in the first few weeks of life are essential to their future. With Cathy you know you will be getting the best Golden around. Her dogs are never overbred or inbred and Cathy's main goal is the health and well being of her pets. Our two dogs are like our children. We love how easy they are to train and ow great they are with our cat, other dogs and children. They both have great personalities and love meeting people. They are the best dogs we have ever had. They are healthy, sweet, gentle and have the biggest hearts. We are so lucky to have them. Thanks, Cathy Natalie

We got our golden from you back in 2011, I believe she was one of the puppies from the first litter your 2 dogs had together. She was the one you photographed in the PowerWheels Barbie car :-)

I just want to tell you that she has been the BEST dog! She is so so smart and is such a lover...she always wants to be around us and follows us everywhere! She is so gentle and sweet. We never had to really train her, she just always sort of knows what she is supposed to do. She is also so beautiful :-) People come up to us all the time to let us know!

Lilu LOVES to swim and is obsessed with bunnies. She also loves chasing laser pointers and any reflections that she sees on the walls. She is super competitive and is always competing with our friends dogs for toys, sticks, etc

Thank you so much again for our Lilu, she brightens our day every day!

Bentley went to the Hyatt Hotel in Denver. The hotel let him accompany us everywhere including the restaurant because he was so well behaved! Multiple people asked me if he was a service dog. He's simply amazing. He is a natural therapy dog He has surpassed my expectations on everything!! We feel so lucky to have im as part of our family! Thank you so much! Bentley also has his CGC certification.

One year ago our sweet pup was born on October 2nd! The daughter of Thor and Sophie Sunshine, she ended up picking us on the day we first met. We named her Goldie Hound. She is one of the sweetest and smartest dogs we have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. Not only did she fit into our family of five immediately, she has become our best furry friend! She is amazing with other dogs and people alike! Everyone that meets her falls completely in love. Cathy was wonderful to work with and knows everything about Goldens and raising them! Truly an awesome experience to go through the process of accepting a new puppy into our family from the initial greeting to taking her home. When we are ready to get another golden retriever (and we will!) Cathy Conrad and Loveland Goldens will our number one place to go! We couldn't be happier with our all star pup Goldie!

The Richardsons

Six months after out 11 years old golden retriever passed away in her sleep, my husband and I were ready to welcome another golden to our family, However, there were limited amount of breeders or pups in our area, so we searched AKC registered breeders in othere states. As it turned out, Cathy Conrads website and personal phone calls, made our decision easy! WIth her years of experience, we were convinced she was what we had been looking for. Now 2 years later, our Murphy Grace has made our lives "golden" with her sweet spirit, loving temperament, and beautiful coat. Cathy was an answer to our prayers and we would highly recommend her pups! B & P

Bailey is amazing and so smart. Just a real pleasure! Loves his pool and will just lay in and stick his head under. He loves walks and always has a toy in his mouth. He's your typical retriever. We are thinking of making him a therapy dog since he has such a sweet demeanor. We tell him to wait when we put his food down and he doesn't touch it until we say okay. He is very intelligent. He still sleeps with the tiger you got us. So cute. Love, Love, Love him! Thanks again for this amazing dog.

My family has been blessed with two golden retrievers from Loveland Goldens, Aslan (10) and Leo (6 months, born October 2015). Our goldens are loving, gentle souls and wonderful members of our family. They are intelligent, well behaved and love all people, dogs and other pets. Aslan has been a therapy dog for the last six years, visiting memory care patients and bringing them much joy. We are so happy with Aslan that we came back to Loveland Goldens for Leo and he has brought us so much love and joy!

Allison Wright

I had a wonderful experience getting my new fur baby. Cathy kept me informed how my puppy and the other puppies as well were doing. Picking my puppy was great. Cathy was very informative about the health of the puppies and how to take care of them and help keep them healthy. The puppies are very well socialized and so happy! My puppy adapted very quickly since bringing him home. Potty training has been so easy. I've had him only three days and he hasn't had one accident.

Yesterday we celebrated Sulleys fourth birthday! He really is the best valentine ever!! Our kids wanted to get him a doggie cake, so we did! We are so thankful for him! We love him so much! Thank you for our furry friend! I brag about him and you all the time. We really appreciated how you took care of him before we got him. It was obvious he was well cared for. Marcy Rothones

It is with heavy hears that we write to tell you that we lost our beloved Skye yesterday. She was the centre of our little universe, bringing us so much love and joy over the past 12+years and we are grateful to have shared her life. We like to think she died from having lived life to the fullest potential which, of course, she did.You should know that she was loved far and wide as she touched everyone she met with her warm smile and huge wag. We're getting emails from all over the continent. We met more people with her "at the helm", often times with them saying "I think your dog LIKES me!". We used to joke that she was like the dog in the movie "Up?" who was always saying: "I just met you and I think I love you!". You did such a marvelous job breeding and raising her. Tapanga and Princeton were truly wonderful parents. We had so much fun and adventure with her and gave her the best life we could....she really thrived on the water and we have lots of it here. I'm renowned on the island for damming up all the creeks so she could have puddles to play and even swim in our long daily walks. We are both pretty tender right now...we miss her so damn much.

Take Care, Dennis and Sheila

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